Customers in the industrial arena often require Real-time Ethernet (RTE) solutions, also called Industrial Ethernet. Common standards in these industries are Ethercat, Powerlink, Sercos III, ProfiNet, Modbus TCP, and others.

The RZ/N1L MPU is a perfect fit for connecting sensors for Industrial Ethernet applications because of its high integration, dedicated calculation power and rich interface. Its integrated Arm® Cortex®-3 based R-In engine also works as a dedicated Ethernet hardware RTOS/accelerator.

A typical setup requires external Flash (via QSPI), Ethernet PHYs, diverse sensors (depending on the exact use case), and a power supply.

Three rails are required to power this setup, but in many cases, not that current is required. This can easily be achieved by using our ISL85418 single regulator and ISL8080 dual regulator together, which means only two power-supply chips are needed in total.

System Benefits:

  • Highly integrated industrial communication solution with R-In engine (hardware accelerator)
  • Multiple sensors can be attached and evaluated by the MPU
  • Easy to use, compact and precise DC/DC regulators
  • Low BOM count and small PCB space

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