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Renesas low-power microcontroller, the RL78/G23, has achieved the world's highest ULPMark™-PP score!

By Masashi Takemura, Staff Application Engineer - Jun 30, 2022

CEO Hidetoshi Shibata of Renesas attended the “Forces of Change” leadership interview series hosted by the top-tier consulting firm Bain & Company.

By Renesas PR, - Jun 30, 2022

In our inaugural installment of the Renesas Roundup Q&A blog series, I interviewed Rami Sethi on trends shaping data center optimization, from the move to purpose-built servers to the need for intelligent interconnects that move data more efficiently from memory to the processor.

By Sailesh Chittipeddi, Executive Vice President and General Manager of IIBU - Jun 29, 2022