The ZSSC3018 is a sensor signal conditioner (SSC) integrated circuit for high-accuracy amplification and analog-to-digital conversion of differential or pseudo-differential input signals. Designed for high-resolution sensor module applications, the ZSSC3018 can perform offset, span, and 1st and 2nd order temperature compensation of the measured signal. Developed for correction of resistive bridge or absolute voltage sensors, it can also provide a corrected temperature output measured with an internal sensor. The measured and corrected sensor values are provided at the digital output pins, which can be configured as I2C (≤ 3.4MHz) or as SPI (≤ 10MHz). Digital compensation of signal offset, sensitivity, temperature, and non-linearity is accomplished via a 26-bit internal digital signal processor (DSP) running a correction algorithm. Calibration coefficients are stored on-chip in a highly reliable, non-volatile, multiple-time programmable (MTP) memory. Programming the ZSSC3018 is simple via the serial interface. The interface is used for the PC-controlled calibration procedure, which programs the set of calibration coefficients in memory. The ZSSC3018 provides accelerated signal processing, increased resolution, and improved noise immunity in order to support high-speed control, safety, and real-time sensing applications with the highest requirements for energy efficiency.


  • Flexible, programmable analog front-end design, up to 18-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • Fully programmable gain amplifier with gain range from 6.6 to 216 (linear)
  • Internal auto-compensated temperature sensor
  • Digital compensation of individual sensor offset
  • 1st and 2nd order digital compensation of sensor gain as well as of 1st and 2nd order temperature gain and offset drift
  • Programmable interrupt operation
  • High-speed sensing: e.g., 16-bit conditioned sensor signal measurement rate >500s-1
  • Typical sensor elements can achieve an accuracy of better than ±0.01% full-scale output


製品名 Part Status Pkg. Type Description Lead Count (#) Temp. Range Carrier Type 購入/サンプル
Active VFQFPN 24 -40 to 125°C Reel
Active WAFER 304µm thickness 0 -40 to 125°C Wafer
Active WAFER 725µm thickness 0 -40 to 125°C Wafer
Active WAFER 725µ die on sawn wafer 0 -40 to 125°C Wafer
Active WAFER 725µ die in waffle pack 0 -40 to 125°C WFP


タイトル language 分類 形式 サイズ 日付
ZSSC3018 Datasheet データシート PDF 1.15 MB
IDT CAD Altium Libraries for AID Products Rev 20160819 ガイド ZIP 1.20 MB
ZSSC3018 Evaluation Kit and Mass Calibration Sys User Manual マニュアル PDF 2.04 MB
Choosing the Right Sensor Signal Conditioning IC その他 PDF 300 KB
Sensing Technologies and Sensor Solutions Overview 概要 PDF 5.75 MB
Sensor Signal Conditioning ICs for Industrial and Consumer Applications (Japanese) English 概要 PDF 767 KB
ZSSC3018 Short-form Datasheet ショートフォーム(簡略版) PDF 238 KB
ZSSC3018 Evaluation Kit Software Rev. 2.6 ソフトウェア ZIP 4.44 MB
ZSSC3018 Technical Brief - Die-Dimensions 技術概要 PDF 1.06 MB
ZSSC3018 Technical Brief - QFN24 Package Specifications 技術概要 PDF 500 KB


製品名 タイトル 分類 Company
ZSSC3018KIT Evaluation Kit for ZSSC3018 Evaluation Renesas