A buck converter, also known as a step-down converter, is a DC/DC power converter that provides voltage step down and current step up. The converter reduces the voltage when the power source has a higher voltage than VIN. A buck converter generally provides the most efficient solution with the smallest external components.

Unsure if a low-powered linear regulator or highly efficient switching regulator is a better option for your design? Learn more about Linear vs. Switching Regulators.


Buck Controllers (External FETs)

Single, dual, triple, and quad-output step-down controllers




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High-performance 80V Dual-phase Buck and Boost Controllers for GaN FETs

An overview of the industry’s first high-performance 80V dual-phase buck and boost controllers optimized to drive GaN FETs. With high efficiency, tight load regulation and current sharing, these devices deliver ideal power solutions for industrial automation, telecommunications, medical and automotive applications.