Non-volatile memory (NVM) is a key component at the heart of every system design. It holds critical data, controls how the system boots, and affects overall performance. Choosing the right NVM is key. We’re here to help. Our wide range of NVM products offers an array of features designed to help tune and optimize your system.



最新のMONOSメモリ、CMOSプロセス、低電圧回路技術により、低消費電力・ 高信頼性を実現


Non-volatile memory with long data retention and fast serial and parallel interfaces

SPI NORフラッシュ

Standard and system enhancement Serial NOR Flash designed for IoT edge applications


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High Performance Serial and Parallel MRAM Memory Family

Renesas’ high performance serial and parallel MRAM memory family provides the largest range of SPI and parallel interface non-volatile memory sizes, with fast read and write speeds. The MRAM family is ideal for applications ranging from factory automation equipment requiring fast back-up data retrieval to medical data units with long-term data storage requirements.