R-Car V3Uが、自動運転向けに高いディープラーニング性能、安全性/低電力を妥協することなく同時に実現する方法について説明します。

By Eric Pinton, Director -- 2021-01


By 萩原 啓, 担当課長 -- 2021-01


By Uwe Schaefer, Director -- 2020-12

Renesas introduces the Easy-To-Start online portal with the technical support for Automotive Microcontrollers. The portal helps to accelerate customer’s rapid prototyping projects and allows a quicker time-to-market.

By Adam Korbel, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-12

ECUの設計、開発を加速し、より早い市場投入をサポートするソリューション「Winning Combinations」をご紹介します。

By Manabu Miyamoto, Director -- 2020-12

Carol walks us through a voice recognition and smart control solution based on the Renesas ultra-low power RA6M1 microcontroller family and a variety of other Renesas products.

By Carol Ng , Senior Business Development Manager -- 2020-12

2019年にスタートしたR-Car ConsortiumのProactive Partner Programについて、今年度の活動実績をご紹介します。

By 粟津 慶彦, Engineer -- 2020-12

Functional safety is a key topic in the automotive industry. This Blog is the first one of a series to inform about the various Renesas functional safety activities and how Renesas supports its automotive customers in achieving functional safety compliance using Renesas products.

By Joerg Koch, Senior manager -- 2020-12


By 山形 尚世, 担当課長 -- 2020-12

電源IC(PMIC: power management IC)という製品についてご存知でしょうか。マイコンへ最適なPMICを使用することでお客様の開発を加速することができます。

By 小林大地, Application Engineer -- 2020-12