The Future of Wearable Technology: Revolutionizing Health Monitoring with Smart Rings Blog Image

The Future of Wearable Technology: Revolutionizing Health Monitoring with Smart Rings

Learn how Renesas helps smart ring designers translate high-level requirements including form factor, robustness, visual appeal, comfort, and battery runtime into their design specifications. 

Renesas Power Group Addresses Urgent Energy Needs of AI Infrastructure Blog Image



Empowering Developers with Free Access to Advanced AI/ML Development Tools Blog Image


Reality AI Tools Explorer、プレミアム版のAI/MLツールスイートの無償トライアルをご紹介。開発者や企業がAIの可能性を活用する為のルネサスの取り組みです。

Driving the Future: Renesas’ Strategic Vision for High Growth in Wireless Connectivity Blog Image



Improve Your 3-Phase High-Voltage Motor Inverter Using GaN FETs Blog Image

GaN FETを使用した3相高電圧モータインバータの改良

今日のパワーエレクトロニクスの主役であるGaN FETは、電力変換効率、モータ制御、電力密度を向上させ、現在の市場ニーズとトレンドを効果的に満たしています。

Big Future in a Small Space: Wireless SoCs Enable Wearable Medical and Wellness Devices to Realize Their Potential Blog Image



Overcoming Intelligent Lighting Challenges! Blog Image

Overcoming Intelligent Lighting Challenges!

Learn how Renesas effectively tackles the challenges in contemporary building lighting systems, leading to significant cost savings and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Easily Evaluate High-Voltage Motor Systems in Your Lab Blog Image



Considerations for Endpoint High-Performance Vision AI Processing Blog Image

エンドポイントの高性能ビジョン AI 処理に関する考察


A Shift in Reliance Blog

A Shift in Reliance

Since the end of the Space Shuttle program in August 2011, the U.S. has relied on Russia for transport to the International Space Station. We’re now at the doorstep of having two options, owned and operated by commercial companies.