RZ/A2M Software Package is a software development kit for the RZ/A2M that supports various RZ/A2M functions such as DRP(Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor), camera input, LCD output, and image adjustment. It consists of device drivers, middleware, sample programs for the RZ/A2M and FreeRTOS OS.

In addition to the RZ/A2M Software Package GCC version, the Arm Compiler version is also available for customers who prefer to use the Arm's integrated development environment (Arm Development Studio : Arm DS).

Supported Functions

Some functions are currently only supported in the GCC version, but they are in preparation for the Arm DS version.

Category Function GCC Arm DS
OS FreeRTOS check check
Middleware File System (FatFS) check check
TCP/IP Protocol Stack check check
System Standby Mode Management check check
Firmware Update (UART) check check
Timer OS Timer check check
PWM check check
Graphics IP Camera check check
JPEG Codec check check
LCD (Display) check check
Image Pre-processing (DRP Library) check check
Interface Serial Communication (I2C) check check
Serial Communication (UART) check check
Ethernet check check
Wi-Fi (UART) check check
USB Host (MSC) check check
USB Function(CDC) check check
SD Memory Card (*1) check check
SDIO (*1) check
HyperBus check check
Touch Screen check check
Analog A/D Converter check check

check : Supported.
* : Regarding these functions, please contact us.
*1 : If UHS-l mode support is needed, please contact us.

Operation Environment

Integrated development environment Arm DS
Compiler Arm Compiler 6
Supported board RZ/A2M Evaluation Board Kit
Emulator ULINK2TM

Package Information

As the Arm Compiler version, RZ/A2M Simple Applications Package (Arm DS) is available. This software package includes driver software for each IP on RZ/A2M and sample application programs.

Software Packege Name Latest Version Released Feartures Download
RZ/A2M Simple Applications Package(Arm DS) 4.00 Oct. 09, 2020 Simple software projects include the usage for each driver and each middleware as follows.
  • Blinky Application
  • Graphics Applications(Camera & Display, JPEG, Sprite Engine)
  • DRP basic sample program
  • I2C bus interface sample program
  • Ethernet sample program
  • Wi-Fi (UART) sample program(*1)
  • ADC sample program
  • SD FATFS sample program (*2)
  • USBH FATFS sample program
  • USBH HID sample program
  • USBF CDC sample program
  • Low Power Mode sample program
  • DMAC sample program
  • RTC sample program
  • Firmware Update sample program
  • PWM sample program
  • Touch screen sample program
  • SSIF sample program
[Supported software]
  • OS: FreeRTOS V10.0.1, OS abstraction
  • Middleware: FreeRTOS+TCP, DRP library
  • Driver: DRP, VDC6, LVDS, JPEG, MIPI/VIN, CEU, Timer, UART, I2C, RSPI, SSIF, DMAC, ADC, SD, USBH, USBF, Low Power Mode, RTC, HyperBus, GPT
RZ/A2M Group RZ/A2M Simple Applications Package (Arm DS) V4.00 (ZIP)

(*1) To use the Wi-Fi function, need to connect Digilent Pmod EPS32 module via UART.
(*2) If UHS-l mode support is needed, please contact usSD Host/Ancillary Product License Agreement (SD HALA) is required to develop SD host-related products.

Target Devices

Family Group
RZ Family RZ/A2M

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