Designed to accelerate time to market through rapid code development, Synergy Tools facilitate file management, software and MCU configuration, code generation, compilation, debugging, and intuitive graphic interface design. All Synergy Tools, support, development seats, and maintenance are included with the Synergy Platform.

e² studio ISDE

An Eclipse-based development environment with a comprehensive set of tools and plug-in features such as intuitive configuration, error and format checking, and code generation to accelerate development.

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TraceX® by Express Logic

Graphically visualize detailed run-time events and monitor the performance and behavior of your real-time system down to the level of interrupts and RTOS context switches.

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GUIX Studio™ by Express Logic

Generate optimized code for Synergy MCUs to drive color displays and visualize Graphical User Interface (GUI) designs before programming with this GUI design environment tool.

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IAR Embedded Workbench® for Renesas Synergy™ (EW for Synergy)

Fully integrated with the Synergy Platform, EW for Synergy includes an optimized compiler, code analysis tools such as C-STAT® and C-RUN®, and deep RTOS-aware debugging with C-SPY®.

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Renesas Synergy™ Standalone Configurator (SSC)

Duplicates the e² studio Project Generator and Editor functions to enable Clock, Pin, RTOS, and SSP Module configuration if using EW for Synergy.

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