In recent years, building lighting has been required to save energy, maintain less, and create a comfortable space to reduce installation and operation costs and to acquire tenants and users. The keywords to realize these are networking, dimming, and digital power supply. As a lighting network, there is DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), which is spreading worldwide. Renesas offers DALI solutions that promote networking and digital power supply solutions that achieve dimming and toning. We contribute to the realization of comfortable and energy-saving lighting by providing solutions.

*Renesas provides semiconductor solutions.

Lighting network example
Lighting network example

Applications & Solutions

Analog Downlight
This application supports phase dimming signals and DC current dimming with PWM dimming signal sources. It can also easily support worldwide power input due to outstanding line regulation. Furthermore, the diverse MOS lineup enables a wide range of power selection.

LED Light Bulb
This application achieves high efficiency 92%, high power factor 0.9, and high LED current accuracy (line regulation 0.5%). Renesas will contribute to the development of high-quality LED bulbs with optimized solutions for LED bulbs with different needs in each region. In addition, the universal Vin solution for the world contributes to the construction of a worldwide common platform.

Digital Baselight, Downlight and Outdoor Lights
Renesas offers digital power and analog solutions for base lights / downlights / street lights. Features of digital power supplies include reduction of the number of parts, shortening of the development period, and improvement of power supply performance.

Lighting System Communications
The communication evaluation environment is a reference solution for those who develop communication-compatible dimmers like communication masters, DALI switches, sensors, etc. It can also be used as an evaluation of communication with lighting equipment (DALI, DMX512, infrared communication).

Recommended Devices for LED Lighting
Renesas provides a range of dedicated lighting microcontrollers (ASSPs) and driver ICs together with easy to use development tools to support the high intelligence trend by high integration and low cost.

Evaluation Environment

Renesas' LED lighting evaluation environments consist mainly of reference solutions for developers of LED lighting fixtures. These resources include LED lighting evaluation environment, software development environment, communication evaluation environment and application notes that describe detailed information and usage.

For evaluation board details, click on each board to see the linked information.

LED Control Evaluation Board
Single-stage Converter
1-Channel Output
Two-stage Converter
1-Channel Output
Two-stage Converter
3-Channel Output
Power Supply Voltage DC5V AC100-240V AC100-240V AC100-240V DC5V or USB
Topology Single-stage-converter
Two-stage converter
Two-stage converter
AC/DC - Flyback(DCM-PFC) Boost(CRM-PFC) Flyback(CRM-PFC) -
DC/DC Buck (low-side drive) - Buck (low-side drive) Buck (high-side drive) -
Output (max.) 5V, 350mA 60V, 200mA
1 channel (LED single-color applications)
200V, 250mA
1 channel (LED single-color applications)
90V/ch, 350mA/ch
3-channel (LED full-color applications)
Dimmer type (min. dimmer value) Current dimmer Current dimmer (5%) Current + burst dimmer (0.4%) Current dimmer (1%) -
Dimmer interface DALI/DMX512/IR/Volume Volume SW DALI/IR DALI/DMX512/IR DALI
Automatic Software Generation Tool Supported Supported Supported Supported -
Unit size (W x D x H) 65 x 115mm 160.4 x 107.6 x 63.8mm 190.4 x 110.6 x 63.8mm 240 x 195 x 70mm 140 x 160mm

APPLICATIONS: For routers and switches supporting LED lighting and DALI communication.