PLC (Power Line Communication) is a communication method using a power line. By using a power line as a communication network, it is possible to build a system at low cost and early stage. For this reason, PLC attracts attention as a communications in smart meters (AMI), HEMS, BEMS and solar panel monitoring systems that realize a smart society. Communication data can be propagated through AC or DC power line. It is effective for wiring saving in building automation (HVAC (air conditioning), Fire & Safety, building security, lighting) etc.

Renesas provides PLC modem ICs "μPD809508*1 " and "R9A06G037*2 " conforming to the international standard G3-PLC and PRIME as products that realize PLC.

PLC modem IC "μPD809508" and "R9A06G037" are modems compatible with both G3-PLC and PRIME. The Renesas protocol stack has already obtained certification for each alliance. With the G3-PLC, modems can be compliant with local standards (Japan, Europe, USA) by changing the attached software library. We will continue to strive to offer a wider range of solutions including IEEE 1901.2 in the United States, v1.4 support for the latest version of PRIME.

We are preparing evaluation boards, protocol stacks, sample application software, etc. as development tools, and we will support your development.

*1 : 2nd generation *2 : 3rd generation

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System Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Recommended Products
Block Semiconductor device Recommended products Features, etc.
PLC control PLC modem IC μPD809508 G3-PLC compliant
R9A06G037 G3-PLC, PRIME compliant
Line Driver ISL15102 High linearity, PLC Differential Line Driver
System control MCU RL78/G13 Group  
Related Software
Name Document No.
Protocol stack library for G3-PLC standard* -
Protocol stack library for PRIME standard*  
MAC layer control library F2AL* for μPD809508 -
MAC layer control library F3AL* for R9A06G037 -

*: Please contact your sales representative or contact us directly.


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