An xEV (Electric Vehicle) runs on a motor or combination of motor and internal combustion engine, and the motor is controlled by the xEV Inverter.
The “xEV Inverter Application Model and Software” provides a sample application model and software to control the motor, reducing software development effort and time during product development using the xEV inverter kit.

This software can be downloaded only by those who satisfy the following conditions.

  • You can sign in to your My Renesas account. (only corporate e-mail addresses are acceptable)
    *If you do not have an account, please sign up for one.
  • Holders of PR-INV06500780-FB documentation
    *You can request it from the PR-INV06500780-FB page.
  • You are considering the purchase of this kit that works with this software.
  • It is not to be used by a competitor's related trading company, for personal use, or for research purposes, etc.


  • Reduce potential design rework through simulation at the design stage by using a sample application model and a sample IGBT model, motor model of MATLAB®/Simulink®.
  • Reduce application software programming effort by automatically generating sample application software from sample application models (autocode).
  • Reduce driver software programming effort by providing driver software whose operation has been confirmed on the reference board of the inverter kit for xEV (electric vehicle), it is possible to start the actual machine evaluation in a short period of time.
  • Reduce customer effort to learn how to use the Renesas environment from simulation on a PC to execution on the board by providing application notes covering everything from simulation on a PC to execution on the board

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