Debugging with a full-spec. emulator involves the use of a dedicated MCU (evaluation MCU) mounted on the emulator or an emulation probe or pod through an in-circuit connection to an IC socket on the footprint of the MCU on the user system. Full-spec. emulators thus provide a good response to requirements for high-level verification such as true real-time tracing, which is difficult with an on-chip debugging emulator. In combination with integrated development environments from Renesas, they also provide for the visual analysis of complex information.



The IE850A supports the advanced debugging of automotive systems based on RH850-family devices with the G4MH core. Connection is generally to an Aurora trace interface of the MCU. If the MCU does not have an Aurora trace interface, a separately sold emulation adapter (MCU-dependent unit) will be required.

  • Major supported MCUs: RH850 family RH850/E2x、RH850/U2A
  • Supported IDE: Renesas CS+, Green Hills Multi


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The IE850 is for use in the development of automotive systems. An MCU-dependent unit (pod) sold separately is required.

  • Major supported MCUs: RH850 family RH850/E1x, RH850/D1x
  • Supported IDE: Renesas CS+, IAR Embedded Workbench, Green Hills Multi


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IECUBE for RL78 Family

The IECUBE for the RL78 Family supports the advanced debugging of systems based on devices of that family. A self-testing function detects faults in the IECUBE and perform maintenance.

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The E100 provides excellent performance in the debugging of systems incorporating an RX610 or R8C device. Moreover, viewing realtime profile information and detecting stack access violations are also available. An MCU-dependent unit sold separately is required.

  • Major supported MCUs: RX610, R8C/5x, R8C/3x, RS-4 and more.
  • Supported IDE: High-performance Embedded Workshop

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