The ZSSC5101 Evaluation Kit enables configuration, offset calibration and evaluation of the ZSSC5101 xMR Sensor Signal Conditioner IC, which is designed for interfacing with magnetoresistive position sensors. The ZSSC5101 AMR Demo Board included in the kit provides a typical anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) position sensor for demonstrating typical calibration procedures and for reading example measurement results. Alternatively, the user module can be connected in place of the AMR Demo Board (e.g., with a tunnel magnetoresistive (TMR) or giant magnetoresistive (GMR) sensor).

Through a USB connection, the user’s PC can communicate with the ZSSC5101 via the SSC Communication Board V4.1 (requires SSC Communication Board Firmware version 4.10 or later) and the ZSSC5101 Adapter Board, which allows connecting up to two ZSSC5101 AMR Demo Boards. 

For further information and support for the SSC Communication Board, visit the SSC-CB product page.

The ZSSC5101 AMR Demo Board (ZSSC5101BOARDVxPx) and SSC Communication Board (SSC-CB) can also be ordered separately.



  • SSC Communication Board with Firmware V4.12
  • ZSSC5101 Adaptor Board
  • ZSSC5101 AMR Demo Board including magnetic knob
  • 3 ZSSC5101 samples
  • USB Cable


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