R-Car S4 enables to launch Car Server/CoGW with high performance, high-speed networking, high security and high functional safety levels that are required as E/E architectures evolve into domains and zones. The R-Car S4 solution allows designers to re-use up to 88 percent of software code developed for 3rd generation R-Car SoCs and RH850 MCU applications. The software package supports the real-time cores with various drivers and basic software such as Linux BSP and hypervisors.

  • Eight 1.2 GHz Cortex A55 cores, one 1.0 GHz Cortex® R52 dual core (lock-step) and two 400 MHz RH850 G4MH dual cores (lock-step) deliver up to 27 kDMIPS application performance plus greater than 5.3 kDMIPS real-time performance
  • Abundant automotive interfaces including 16x CAN FD, 16x LIN, 8x SENT, 1x FlexRay, 4x PCIe V4.0 allow a wide range of connectivity inside the vehicle
  • Integrated 3-port Ethernet TSN switch offers bandwidth of 3 x 2.5 Gbps to deliver fast and low-latency communication in the vehicle backbone and to the outside world
  • Incorporated 8MB SRAM to execute code on the RH850 G4MH core with low latency
  • Multiple hardware security modules (HSMs) and firewall IP provide enhanced security protection against cyber attacks
  • R-Car S4 is compliant to ISO-26262 and supports functional safety according to ASIL B and ASIL D
  • Vehicle computers
  • Communication gateways
  • Domain servers
  • Application servers


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Manual - Hardware
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Software & Tool Pages

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Multi-Core Debug and Trace ToolMultiple heterogeneous processor cores (Arm core/ RH850 core) integrated in R-Car S4 can be debugged and traced simultaneously. This allows for shorter time to identify the cause and analyze problems in systems where multiple cores work together to achieve a function.
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
e² studio for R-CarIntegrated Software Development Environment. Innovative and Open Development Environment in order to ease SW Development for Computer Vision and Deep Learning Algorithms. New developers can download an evaluation licence for e² studio free of charge. For a commercial licence, please contact a Renesas representative. IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
R-Car Virtual PlatformThe R-Car Virtual Platform (VPF) accelerates in-vehicle software development for next-generation vehicles.
Simulator Renesas
Virtual Turnkey PlatformThe virtual turnkey platform is a software development kit (R-Car SDK) with pretested software libraries and sample code on the virtual development environment R-Car Virtual Platform (VPF). Solution Toolkit Renesas

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