Safe and Secure Industry Automation

Industry 4.0 is gaining momentum. Ensured security with high availability in machine-to-machine networks is required to maximize the value of a connected factory. The Renesas security solution provides a root of trust, with strong security at the semiconductor level, facilitating the development of safe and secure equipment.

Trusted Secure IP, hardware security IP built into the Renesas MCUs (e.g. RX MCU and RZ MPU), allows for protection of keys and the cryptography engine. Keys are secured by an access protection mechanism within the encryption engine, with a proprietary unique ID based authentication to prevent unauthorized access.


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Our device solution contributes to secure IA products

Use Cases

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Security Solution


RX security solutions implement a Root of Trust for IoT devices using encryption by key data that is protected by a strong Trusted Secure IP, and a memory-protected authentication program. By implementing security functions using an RX microcontroller (MCU), you can easily and strongly protect IoT devices against threats.

MCU series Encryption Memory protection
Trusted Secure IP AES RSA SHA TRNG Code protect Trusted memory Area protection Memory protection unit

Hardware-Based Security Features of RX


MCU Series   Encryption Protection features Memory protection
Secure Crypto Engine AES RSA ECC Hash TRNG Unique ID Secured Access Memory Flash program/erase protection
RA4M1 SCE5 - - - Security MPU Window
RA6M1, RA6M2, RA6M3 SCE7 Up to 2k GHASH, SHA-1, SHA-2 Security MPU Window
RA6M4 SCE9 Up to 4k GHASH, SHA-1, SHA-2 TrustZone Flash Block

Hardware-Based Security Features of RA


The Renesas RZ Family of high-end ARM-based microprocessors (MPUs) enables the solutions required for the smart society of the future. Trusted Secure IP built into the RZ MPU allows designers to incorporate hardware based security features.