Software Add-Ons extend the functionality of the SSP to enable a wide range of specialized functions, including communication protocols, extended security functions, and cloud services. Some add-on components are licensed and serviced by Renesas, while others are developed by third parties and verified by Renesas to be SSP-compatible.

SSP Supplemental Add-Ons
S3A7 IEC 61508 Self-Test Library Library of self-test software functions and guidelines to assist compliance with the IEC 60730 and IEC 61508 safety standards for electrical systems.
S3A7 IEC 60730 Self-Test Library
S5D9 IEC 60730 Self-Test Library
S5D9 IEC 61508 Self-Test Library
S7G2 IEC 61508 Self-Test Library
S7G2 IEC 60730 Self-Test Library
S124 IEC 60730 Self-Test Library
Synergy Signed USB CDC Driver Provides Synergy signed driver for the USB Communications Device Class for Windows® PC.
Developer Examples for SSP A suite of application examples that demonstrates functionality and operation of SSP frameworks, HAL drivers, and modules.
Custom Board Support Package Creator Command-line tool within e2 studio for creating custom board support packages (BSPs) that ensure proper boot up and application initialization.


Verified Software Add-Ons (VSAs)
ThreadX-μITRON Wrapper Allows porting of µITRON-based applications to the ThreadX® RTOS for the Synergy Platform.
Skkynet Embedded Toolkit for Renesas Synergy™ Provides access to any device and its data with a direct link to the SkkyHub™ service, a seamless end-to-end cloud solution for IoT and M2M applications.
Dweet Cloud Agent Data streaming and device management system that enables bi-directional messaging to build, scale, and manage IoT applications and devices.
SDKPac™ for Renesas Synergy™ Suite of web security and communication tools that adds a uSSL server and client, dHTTPS web server, uMQTT IoT cloud protocols, and uSMTP email client.
DALI 2 Lighting Control Enables network-based lighting control for building automation applications that are designed for compliance to IEC 62386 version 2 (DALI 2) when used with suitable hardware.
Cloud Agent Enables a secure cloud connection to Renesas IoT Sandbox web interface, providing access to integrated diagnostic features.
BACnet Stack Fully functional data communication protocol stack designed for control networks and building and industrial automation applications.