The power-supply adapter is used for the full-spec emulator IECUBE and the programmer PG-FP5.

Release Information

Release Information

Region Model No. Shipment after modification of the Safety Standard
IEC 62368-1 *Important 2
Japan QB-COMMON-PW-JP no change
America QB-COMMON-PW-EA no change
Europe Bundled with the IECUBE and PG-FG5
(not separated)
no change
China QB-COMMON-PW-CN Discontinued
Hong Kong QB-COMMON-PW-HK Individual discussion needed
Korea QB-COMMON-PW-KR Individual discussion needed
Singapore QB-COMMON-PW-SG Shipping deadline: March 31, 2023
Taiwan QB-COMMON-PW-TW Shipping deadline: February 7, 2025

Important :

  1. The power supply adapter is shipped only for orders from the destination area. For model numbers in other regions than above, contact one of the Renesas Electronics distributors or sales representatives in your area.
  2. In response to modification of the Safety Standard IEC62368-1, we will discontinue our production of these power adapters "QB-COMMON-PW-xx" for the IECUBE and PG-FP5 (Discontinued product) which are intended to use in Asia excluding Japan. Shipment is not allowed after the qualification deadline (March 31, 2023, for Singapore and February 7, 2025, for Taiwan). Please inform us of the final required quantity through your local Renesas Electronics sales office or distributor before the deadline. No deadline is set for Hong Kong and Korea, however, each order will be handled after individual discussion. We will also stop shipment of the IECUBE to Asia because there are no replacements for these power adapters.
    We will continue shipment to Japan, U.S., and Europe as we have done till now.


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