The US159-DA16200EVZ Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi Pmod™ module enables the user to add Wi-Fi capability to any evaluation kit or microcontroller board equipped with a Pmod expansion capability. The board provides a standard Pmod™ Type 3A (Expanded UART) connection for the on-board Wi-Fi module.

The US159-DA16200EVZ features a Type 3A Pmod™ connector and incorporates the DA16200MOD Module, based on the DA16200 System-on-Chip. Thanks to the standard connector and software support, the US159-DA16200EVZ is ideal for Renesas’ Quick-Connect IoT to rapidly create an IoT system.


  • DA16200MOD Module
    • Integrated chip antenna
    • Cortex-M4F+ @ 30-160 MHz
    • 802.11b/g/n radio PHY, 2.4 GHz
    • SoC runs full OS & TCP/IP stack
    • Memory: 256 kB ROM, 512kB RAM, 8kB OTP, 48B retention memory & 32Mb SPI Flash
    • RF regulatory certifications – FCC, IC, CE, KC, TELEC, SRRC
    • Wi-Fi Alliance certifications – Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ b, g, n; WPA™, WPA2™, WPA3™
    • 3.3V supply voltage
    • +20dBm range booster mode
    • -100dBm Rx sensitivity
    • Ultra-low power, 3 sleep modes – unconnected (nA), connected ultra-low (µA) , connected ultra-fast (µA)
  • Standardized Type 3A Pmod™ connector supports Expanded UART interface
  • Optional battery operation with on-board CR1220 coin cell
  • LED (D1) to aid in user software debug
  • 10-pin 1.27mm pitch Arm Cortex-Debug connector (J2) for software development and debug support



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PDF 2.22 MB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 483 KB Application Note
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PDF 1.12 MB Quick Start Guide
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Software & Tools

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Quick-Connect Studio
Quick-Connect Studio is an online, cloud-based design platform that enables users to graphically build hardware and software to quickly validate prototypes and accelerate product development.
Software Package Renesas
Quick-Connect IoT Platform
Quick-Connect IoT platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.
Other Hardware Renesas
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Sample Code

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