Synergy Software

Commercially qualified software developed and optimized for the Synergy Platform.


Renesas provided Software and tools for the Synergy Platform is available from this portal for no additional fees or royalties. The Synergy Software Package (SSP) integrates all the functionality needed to build IoT applications including Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS and X-ware Middleware, Application Frameworks, Libraries, HAL drivers, and Board Support Packages for the Synergy kits. When developing applications using the SSP, developers can choose their preferred development environment as both Renesas e2studio and IAR Embedded Workbench® for Renesas Synergy™ (EWSYN) are supported. EWSYN is available for licensing from IAR for Synergy users.

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Synergy Software Package (SSP)

Commercial software worth over $100K which is available to developers using the Synergy Platform for no charge and with unlimited production license rights. The production-ready SSP is fully tested, maintained, and supported by Renesas.


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Development Tools

Renesas e2studio and IAR Embedded Workbench® for Renesas Synergy™ are available the Synergy Platform. Eclipse based e2studio Integrated Solution Development Environment (ISDE) is supported by the GNU compiler and offers automatic code generation, e2Studio is provided for no license or maintenance fee and without restrictions on code size or number of users. IAR Embedded Workbench® for Renesas Synergy™ Integrated Development Environment is also available for licensing from IAR and enables generation of fast performing, highly compact code for Renesas Synergy. Additionally, there are advanced utilities available for no charge including TraceX® to visually monitor run-time performance, GUIX Studio™ to enable drag-and-drop design of graphical user interfaces (GUI), and the Synergy Standalone Configurator (SSC) for intuitive configuration of microcontroller functions, software assignments, and operation modes.


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Synergy Software Add-ons

Additional software which is SSP-compatible. Renesas offers various SSP supplemental add-ons, application projects, and module guides which provide reference and example code which developers can leverage for no charge. Additionality, Renesas works with third-party software providers to make SSP-compatible evaluation example projects using the third-party software available for no charge. Commercial versions of the third-party software are sold and supported by the third-party.


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