Infinite Possibilities, Unmatched Performance

Discover a wide range of wireless technologies, as we enable you to connect and communicate with the world like never before.


Seamless Integration

Our wireless technologies seamlessly integrate with MCUs and MPUs across our industry-leading embedded processor portfolio, guaranteeing dependable connections for diverse applications.

Performance Leadership

We set the standard in performance, providing industry-leading solutions such as ultra-power-efficient Wi-Fi, NFC featuring the highest sensitivity and output power, and feature-rich Bluetooth® Low Energy SoCs.

Mature Ecosystem

Our ecosystem offers an array of tools to expedite evaluation and production such as a library of Winning Combinations and direct support from applications engineers through the Renesas Engineering Community.


From smart homes to health and fitness technology, tracking systems, and point of sale solutions, Renesas offers tailor-made connectivity solutions to address diverse industry needs.

Revolutionize Smart Home and Building

Enjoy seamless control over lighting, HVAC systems, security cameras, smart locks and more with our reliable Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth Low Energy solutions. Enhance energy efficiency, convenience, and security while offering unparalleled user experiences.

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Transform Health and Fitness

Renesas connectivity for health devices simplifies design and ensures safety. NFC paired with Bluetooth Low Energy offers ultra-low power consumption and ample memory support for connected health applications like smart rings and monitoring devices.

Optimize Tracking and Point of Sale

Our high-performance NFC technology ensures secure transactions and reliable data exchange in Point of Sale terminals, while our Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs provide the flexibility and functionality needed for advanced tracking and inventory management.


Bluetooth® Low Energy

Power efficient, low cost Bluetooth low energy solutions

Cellular IoT Modules

Directly connect to the internet without the need for a gateway


IC solutions for worldwide DECT 1.9GHz interference-free frequency bands


Ground-breaking NFC technology and products for wireless charging, mobile and PoS

Sub-GHz/Wi-SUN Transceivers

Sub-GHz wireless communication devices with high RF characteristics and low power consumption


Ultra-low power Wi-Fi SoCs/modules and Wi-Fi 5/6/6E networking products

Wireless Audio

Low-latency Hi-Fi audio devices

Wireless Baseband Modem (RapidWave™)

Baseband modem solutions for millimeter wave (mmWave) applications


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All-in-One Smart Lock: DA1469x, PTX105R, DA16200

Dive into our comprehensive All-in-One Smart Lock demo, unveiling the seamless integration of cutting-edge components including the DA1469x, PTX105R, and DA16200. Experience the convenience of advanced features like Home Key support and effortless NFC BLE pairing, coupled with superior performance in low power consumption and NFC synergy, all for heightened security and convenience.

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