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Renesas’ comprehensive power management portfolio spans across the widest range of power requirements offering up solutions from Digital Multiphase DC/DC Switching Controllers to Battery Management Systems and Power Management ICs, while seamlessly connecting to our industry-leading MCUs and MPUs, making us the premier power partner for your most challenging designs.

Renesas' power portfolio addresses existing and emerging applications including Energy and Electrification, and Artificial Intelligence

Renesas offers a full spectrum of solutions designed to accelerate your journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future from renewables to smart grids, and from EVs to industrial and building automation, we empower innovation across the entire energy transition. 

Renesas delivers best-in-class performance enabling fast and reliable energy transition through a solid portfolio of discrete MOSFET, IGBT, isolated gate drivers, and dedicated PMICs that attach to our MCU/MPU for faster time-to-market solutions.

As AI transforms every aspect of our lives, Renesas supports AI/ML developers by offering solutions that span across sensing, connectivity, and power product solutions that all have been purpose-built to accelerate Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) designs. These solutions can be found at the Core, the Edge, and the Endpoint.

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A proven and trusted supplier leveraging our scale to support tomorrow's innovations

Innovation. Quality. Reliability. These are the hallmarks of Renesas’ Power Products Group. We have been a leading force in the power semiconductor industry for more than a decade, with 4.4 billion parts shipped (in 2023) and hundreds of winning combinations and reference designs, we are powering groundbreaking technology across the globe.

We provide a complete technology ecosystem from standalone voltage regulators to Wide-Bandgap and MOSFET power switches, allowing our customers to build the power products of tomorrow.

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For automotive products, please see Automotive Power Management

Featured Categories
Power IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors)
Multi-Channel Power Management ICs (PMICs)
Smart Power Stages for Digital Multiphase DC/DC Controllers


AC/DC & Isolated DC/DC Converters

PWM controllers for switch-mode power supplies requiring an isolation transformer

Battery Management

BMS products that include overvoltage protection and multi-cell balancing

Computing Power (VRM/IMVP)

Products with fast load transient response, precise current balance and excellent stability

DC/DC Converters

Linear regulators, switching regulators, controllers, PMICs and power modules

DC/DC Power Modules

Solutions that include the controller, MOSFETs, passive components, and output inductor

Digital Power

Digital power conversion architecture combined with power management logic in a single IC

Discrete Power Devices

IGBTs, power diodes, power MOSFETs, triacs, thyristors, and bipolar power transistors

FET & Motor Drivers

Half-bridge, full-bridge, low-side, and synchronous buck MOSFET drivers

LED Backlight Drivers

Dimming solutions for a wide variety of ambient lighting conditions

Linear Regulators (LDO)

Single and dual low-dropout regulator (LDOs) and linear regulator products

Motor Control ICs

System in a package designed to drive three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors

Multi-Channel Power Management ICs (PMICs)

PMICs for various functions related to the power requirements of a host system

Power Supply Support

System supervisory solutions ranging from one to five voltage monitors

USB Type-C, USB Power Delivery, and Rapid Charge

USB connectivity solutions for faster, high-power USB charging

Voltage References

Precision voltage references in Floating Gate Array and Band-gap technology


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High-performance 80V Dual-phase Buck and Boost Controllers for GaN FETs

An overview of the industry’s first high-performance 80V dual-phase buck and boost controllers optimized to drive GaN FETs. With high efficiency, tight load regulation and current sharing, these devices deliver ideal power solutions for industrial automation, telecommunications, medical and automotive applications.