Renesas is a leader in developing circuit-level RF innovations and is a trusted supplier to the leading communications systems providers. We use the Smart Silicon™ approach combining optimal process technologies with our unique circuit-level innovations to create a portfolio of differentiated RF products. 

  • Circuit-level innovations – Improved system-level performance and repeatability with lower power consumption and increased reliability
  • Innovation through Smart Silicon™ – Unique product solutions using optimal process technology to achieve performance technology in SOI, GaAS, GaN, or SiGe
  • Trusted partner – Technology supplier to world’s leading communication system providers and deployed in global networks
  • Established product portfolio – Broad portfolio with a proven history of reliability ranging from simple, single-function components to complex RF sub-systems

Industry-leading RF Innovations

Glitch-Free™ Technology: Renesas’ digital step attenuators (DSA) virtually eliminate transient overshoot that occurs during MSB attenuation state transi­tions of standard DSAs. With Glitch-Free technology, amplifier damage and loss of information at the ADC are avoided.

FlatNoise™ Technology: Renesas’ variable gain amplifier (VGA) noise figure is kept virtually flat in the criti­cal region, while gain is reduced. This greatly eases design constraints for radio engineers by enhancing signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Zero-Distortion™ Technology: Renesas’ RF amplifiers and RF mixers improve SNR by reducing the noise floor and third order intermodulation distortion. This is important for crowded spectrum envi­ronments, as it enhances quality-of-service (QoS) and frees up under-utilized spectrum.

K|Z| Constant Impedance Technology: Renesas’ RF switches maintain nearly constant impedance when switching between RF ports. By controlling the impedance during the switching process voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), transients are minimized. This improves switch reliability, reduces voltage stresses on downstream components, and improves overall system performance.

KLIN Constant Linearity Technology: Renesas’ variable gain amplifiers maintain constant high linearity as gain is adjusted. As the gain is reduced, the linearity (OIP3) remains constant in the critical region. This prevents in­termodulation distortion from degrading as the gain is reduced.

About Renesas' RF Solutions

Renesas offers high-performance and full-featured radio frequency (RF) products helping to address unwanted interference from an increasingly crowded radio spectrum. Today’s higher data rates drive the need for better radio signal-to-noise ratios, which translates to the need for Renesas’ higher linearity RF components. Renesas’ patented RF solutions with unique technical innovations address the evolving needs of a wide range of applications, including cellular 5G/4G base stations, communications systems, microwave (RF/IF), CATV, test and measurement, and industrial.


Industrial Radar Sensors

Integrated 4D imaging radars

Modulators & Demodulators

RF Modulator and demodulators with Zero-Distortion and Glitch-Free Technology

Phased Array Beamformers

Beamformer ICs for millimeter wave (mmWave) and 5G beam steering applications

RF Amplifiers

RF amplifiers with high linearity, very low power consumption, and Zero-Distortion technology

RF Attenuators

Glitch-Free digital step attenuators and voltage variable attenuators for the RF signal path

RF Mixers

RF single and dual mixers with the lowest power consumption and lowest IM3 distortion

RF Switches

SPDT, SP4T and SP5T RF switches with Kz constant impedance technology

RF Synthesizers

RF synthesizers that address the challenges of frequency generation

Transistor Arrays

NPN, PNP, and NPN-PNP transistor arrays based on the UHF-1 SOI process

Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGA)

Digitally-controlled IF and RF variable gain amplifiers with FlatNoise™ technology


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