Renesas' innovative timing, interconnect, PMIC, and wireless power solutions enable customers to develop consumer electronics products with innovative features, improved performance and extended battery life.

When it comes to IoT and smart devices, microcontrollers (MCU) play a key role in providing processing power, memory and peripherals. Renesas' broad portfolio of MCU products provides a variety of features, like low power consumption or energy harvesting capabilities, necessary for IoT applications. Renesas also provides development tools, software, and partner platforms to help support your design from start to finish.

From sensor to cloud, Renesas' ICs and modules allow you to accurately sense, understand and transmit intelligent data. Advancements in nanopower, mmWave sensing, connectivity, 5G, artificial intelligence and deep learning help you create what’s next in your IoT design, for any application. Get to market fast with technology that solves your power, performance and security challenges and allows you to deliver what's next.


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Tools & Resources

QuickConnect Platform
QuickConnect platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.