Product Life Cycles

Life cycles of Renesas products are classified into 5 groups in line with the status of a product.

Product Status

Under Development (Preview)

Products that are planned to be released soon. Some of the products will have samples available.

Mass Production (Active)

Products that can be produced when an order is placed. For lead times, please contact a Renesas sales office or representative.

Non-Promotion (NRND: Not Recommended for New Design)

We do not recommend adoption of these products in new designs for the following reasons:

  • Because the product is supplied specially to customers who have already adopted it.
  • Because EOL (end of life) is being considered for the product

EOL-notified (Obsolete)

Discontinuation of production has been announced for these products, and the placement of final orders has been requested. Please contact a Renesas sales office or representative for more information.

EOLed (Obsolete)

6 to 12 months or more have passed since EOL was notified for these products, and we have finished
accepting final orders.

In general, when a product that is currently in production will be discontinued, its status shown on the website will change to EOL-notified about 12 to 24 months before the date it will be discontinued.

Latest Information About Products

The status of products are reviewed/changed in general every 6 months. For a PLP product, information on the length of the PLP period will be shown on its product page. Please refer to it.

EOL Notification and Shipment

When a product is decided to be EOLed, Renesas will change the status of the product to "EOL-notified" and make an EOL notification to our customers in accordance with JEDEC (J-STD-048). Final orders (LTB Order: Last Time Buy Order) will be accepted for 6 to 12 months from the date of the notification. Normally, production of the product will continue for about 6 to 12 months following the final date for acceptance of LTB.