Product Description Partner
Cloud Connection
Cloud Connectivity Demonstrates that a Synergy Kit can connect to the cloud and be remotely controlled with the use of the LED toggle feature. Medium One, Inc.
Heartbeat to Cloud Demonstrates that a heartbeat signal can be sent over Ethernet or Wi-Fi from a Synergy Kit to the Renesas IoT Sandbox web interface.
Proximity Sensor Data to Cloud Demonstrates embedded sensor connectivity and data transfer that can be monitored in real-time on the Renesas IoT Sandbox web interface.
ARIS Edge Kit ARIS EDGE is a IoT evaluation & development board based on the Renesas Synergy S124 MCU Group. Arrow Electronics, Inc.
Panthronics Renesas Synergy IoT Reader NFC Reader application: Panthonics IoT NFC Reader Reference implementation for Synergy. Panthronics AG
Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Demonstrates BLE functionality for pairing and data transfer to nearby devices with the ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth® protocol stack. Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd.
Bluetooth® Classic Serial Port Profile (SPP) Demonstrates Bluetooth® Classic connectivity to pair and transfer messages between devices using the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP).
IoT Gateway Demonstrates that a Synergy Kit can connect to the cloud and be remotely controlled with the use of the LED toggle feature.
ESP-32 WiFi PMOD for Synergy Solution This project enables the Synergy Wi-Fi Framework support for Espressif ESP-WROOM-32 Wi-Fi module and provides an application example for the networking stack. Renesas Corporation
RS9113 WiFi Module Driver Driver for the Redpine Signals RS9113 WiFi modules. Redpine Signals
ATWINC1500 WiFi Module Driver Renesas Synergy Wi-Fi Framework driver supporting the Microchip ATWINC15x0-MR210 Wi-Fi radio module. Reloc s.r.l.
SX-ULPGN WiFi Drivers and PMOD This project adds WiFi connectivity using an external Silex ULPGN Wi-Fi module connected over a UART interface. Silex Technology
WG6611/RTL8711 WiFi Driver Adds Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to configure wireless settings with an external JORJIN WG6611 Wi-Fi module for Synergy S1 and S3 Series MCUs. Jorjin Technologies Inc.
WG6031/RTL8189 WiFi Driver The Jorjin WG6031 Module and drivers features the RTL8189EM, WiFi chipset with a standard Pmod connector for the SK-S7G2.
CANopen Stack for Renesas Synergy™ Enables CAN-based communication used in many medical, railway, and industrial automation applications. port GmbH
Davicom Driver for Synergy S3A7 Enables wired Ethernet project adds connectivity on Synergy MCUs without an on-board Ethernet communication. Davicom Semiconductor Inc.
Percepio Tracealyzer™ for Renesas Synergy™ Generates a graphical analysis of real-time system behavior using trace information from the ThreadX® RTOS. Percepio AB
QR DECODER GR-QR/DECODER is a library to identify multiple QR Codes® and return the decoded result. Grape Systems Inc.
Secure Key Management Software Secure key management software solution for all Synergy MCU Platforms based on SRAM PUF technology. Intrinsic ID