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Power Line Communication Technology (PLC) Achieves Long Distance, High-Speed Communication

CPX4 (R9A06G061) provides faster, long distance communication, and solves the challenges in implementing Power Line Communication Technology (PLC) solutions. Read our blog for more information.

By Kiyoshi Murano, Principal Specialist - Nov 30, 2021
Would you like to address the challenges of networkconnected equipment by using 32-bit RX66N MCUs?

Introducing 32-bit RX66N MCU that realizes real-time performance and firmware update required for network connected equipment such as smart meter and HVAC controller.

By Takuya Anzai, MCU Engineer - Nov 30, 2021
Blog main image RX72N Voice Recognition Demo

Renesas RX MCU offers an voice recognition solution at the edge that does not require any internet connection. In this blog, we will introduce a new service, where you can experience this voice recognition solution at the edge remotely at anywhere, any time.

By Keita Kashima, IoT Product Marketing - Nov 25, 2021