Item E2 Emulator E2 Emulator Lite E1 Emulator
Target Connector 14-pin/2.54-mm-pitch connector
Debug Interfaces JTAG, FINE
Hot Plugin (Note1) Use the included GND cable. An optional (sold separately) hot plug-in adapter is required.
Tracing Internal trace memory is used.
External Trigger Input Break on external trigger input is available. Not available
External Trigger Output Trigger output in response to events is available. Not available
Power Consumption Tuning Solutions Available for the RX100 and RX200 series (Note2) Not available

For details of the functionality of each of the emulators, refer to  On-chip Debuggers Performance Properties.


  1. Only available for the JTAG connection
  2. We will be making this available for the RX600 and RX700 series as well in the future.