Tracealyzeris the premier solution for visual trace diagnostics for developers of RTOS- or Linux-based embedded software systems. State-of-the-art software tracing and trace visualization, developed since 2004, is designed to make it easier to spot and understand bugs, find solutions and verify them. Out-of-box support is now available for the RA family of MCUs.

Key Features

  • Over 30 views of the run-time behavior
  • Custom logging of “User Events” to see states and variables over time
  • Profiling views to show you what parts of the system use the most resources
  • No special trace hardware is required. Tracealyzer relies on efficient software instrumentation with minimal overhead.
  • Multiple RTOS and Linux platforms are supported, including FreeRTOS, Amazon FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS, Micrium μC/OS, ThreadX, Keil RTX5 and VxWorks


Percepio Tracealyzer Diagram

All views are interconnected in clever ways, so you can click on a data point in one view and see the corresponding location in another related view. Moreover, all timeline views can be synchronized, so you can scroll and zoom them side-by-side. This way, you can benefit from multiple perspectives at the same time and better understand the trace.

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Percepio Tracealyzer
Percepio Tracealyzer for the Renesas RA Partner Ecosystem
PDF 25 Aug 2020 983 KB
RTOS 101 Understand Your Real-time Applications with the Help of Percepio Tracealyzer PDF 09 Mar 2020 8.98 MB

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