Renesas offers solution kits packaging the hardware, software and integrated development environment necessary for enabling many users to start evaluation and development safely, quickly and easily.

Note: For evaluation of this solution kit

EtherCAT Slave Stack Code and EtherCAT Master are needed for evaluation.


  • TS-EC-1 (Tessera Products) Remote Board
  • The hardware of the EC-1 Remote I/O Board supports 8 channels of output and 8 channels of input.
  • The evaluation board has a rugged remote I/O board design with 24V input. This product example helps customer develop their application and final product faster.
  • Conformance Test Items
    • Test Report Number: 0x766_001, CTT Version: V2.0.42
      • Indicator Test: OK
      • Labeling Test: OK
      • Distribute clock: OK
      • Explicit Device ID: OK
      • CoE Mailbox protocol: OK
      • CiA402 profile: -
      • Interoperability Test: OK


  • EtherCAT communication

Documentation & Downloads

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
Application Notes & White Papers
- R-IN, RZ/T1, EC-1 Groups Software PLC Guide: EtherCAT 日本語 Application Note PDF 303 KB
R-IN, RZ/T1, EC-1, TPS-1 Groups Software PLC Guide: Configuring Projects and Creating User Interfaces 日本語 Application Note PDF 696 KB
- EC-1 Series Remote I/O edition 日本語 Application Note PDF 2.13 MB
R-IN, RZ/T1, EC-1 Groups Software PLC Guide: EtherCAT 日本語 Sample Code ZIP 2.80 MB
EC-1 Series Remote I/O edition 日本語 Sample Code ZIP 2.73 MB