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With smart factory development, various equipment and devices in factory need to increase the communication as well as his computing capability to fit for Industrial 4.0.

Virtualization and digitalization of smart factory leads networks and real-time operation demand grow rapidly. Due to large data transferring among the machine, high speed communication and powerful CPU computing capability become more critical, meanwhile, various industrial communication protocol make the system communication more complex and cost up. And, bring the developer more difficulties to prototype and time-to-market.

The RX72M Group achieves the superior performance of a 1416 CoreMark® score at 240MHz, and it is capable both of application processing and standard EtherCAT communication. Combining a motor-control MCU with on-chip EtherCAT slave functions allows industrial application developers reduce their bill of materials (BOM) and support the miniaturization levels required.

The RX72M Group offers a wide-lines up product from 100pin to 224pin with various socket, like LQFP and BGA, with its high-performance, single-chip MCU solution as well as large memory capacities for industrial equipment requiring control and communication functions such as incremental AC Servo, PLC Remote IO, Industrial ethernet type of GP inverter or Stepping motor, compact industrial robot etc.

RX72M support multiple Industrial ethernet protocol as well as Industrial motor control. With the new 100pin and 144pin package launching, customer can set up and simplify the EtherCAT or other Industrial ethernet network or 1-axis motor control design with best-cost-performance. In addition, Renesas has provided different EVBs boards and help you to kick off development and/or accelerate prototype.


The demo boards included Network boards, starter kit as well as EtherCAT with motor control demo kits. By providing Renesas EtherCAT protocol and motor control algorithm sample code, customers can quickly and easily develop or upgrade the system to compliant with Industrial communication application.

Industrial ethernet communication ability enhancement and high CPU computing performance as well as compact design for Industrial application is significant toward to Industrial 4.0 realization, how to provide a cost-efficient product and help customer to minimize development cost to launch industrial ethernet communication solution and time-to market, RX72M is your best choice and worth trust!

More collaterials about RX72M, please access below link at: >

More collaterials about RX72M network solution, please access below link at: >

EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany.

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