Infrared (IR) contactless thermometers are a safe approach to measuring temperature. This device does not make contact with the skin, and it can accurately and quickly display the temperature, as long as it is within range and close to the forehead. Because of the prevalence of new viruses, there is a huge demand for contactless thermometers. The RL78/H1D includes high-precision analog functions, such as a Delta-Sigma ADC, SAR ADC, PGA, and OPA, which are necessary for accurate and fast measurements. It also has a built-in LCD controller/driver which makes the RL78/H1D well suited for IR contactless thermometer solutions. The ISL9205D is a cost-effective, fully integrated high input voltage single-cell Li-ion battery charger. This design also features a high-performance LDO, which provides a reliable power system.

System Benefits:

  • Renesas' high precision analog MCU provides signal amplification, system control and an LCD display in one chip
  • High performance and high input voltage charger and LDO for an integrated solution
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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