Customers often want to quickly evaluate ASi-5 together with several sensors in their lab. The ASi-5 board already exists, but is lacking sensors, so a dedicated I/F is required to connect to the appropriate sensors. 

They often also need to decouple processes and offload their host MCU, so a pre-evaluation of the sensor data by a dedicated MCU on the sensor board is often required. A power supply, usually 3.3V or 5V, is also required. 

This design shows a single PCB with multiple sensors, interfaces, a dedicated MCU for sensor data pre-evaluation, and a power supply.

System Benefits:

  • Multiple sensors on one board for quick evaluation
    • Sensor selection by DIP switch or by software
    • Additional analog inputs
  • Integrated powerful, rich analog features in the RA2A1 MCU for sensor data pre-evaluation/calculation
    • I/F to existing ASi-5 board 
    • 8-/16-/24-bit parallel out for simple ASi-5 slave
    • SPI for complex ASi-5 slave
    • Additional PMOD I/F to also allow connection to most Renesas MCU boards
  • Single 3.3V or 5V input and internal generation of additional power rail (3.3V + 5V)


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Multi-sensor Network Platform for ASI-5

This platform consists of multiple sensors (air quality, temperature/relative humidity, Time of Flight (ToF), flow, heart rate/blood oxygen saturation (SpO2)/color light) connected to an ASi-5 bus via Renesas’ unique ASi4U-v5 transceiver chip + RA2A1 32-bit MCU, backboned via Industrial Ethernet/EtherCAT using an RZ/N1D-EB microprocessor evaluation board. The sensor values are visualized on an LCD via human machine interface (HMI).

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