Renesas provides a wide variety of semiconductor solutions by leveraging its extensive product portfolio and application expertise accumulated through years of successful business with customers in the global automotive industry. Our automotive solutions cover the traditional areas of Powertrain, Chassis, Body, and Connected/Infotainment, as well as the recent change drivers in the automotive industry such as ADAS/Autonomous Driving, Electric Vehicles, and Gateway/Domain Control.

We are focused on providing application solutions called "Winning Combinations", MCU and SoC based applications that are optimized at the system level by our complementary analog and power products, to help our customers reduce their product development time and speed up time to market. Renesas offers a broad selection of leading automotive products and application solutions to achieve your next design objectives.

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Why Renesas?

Why do automotive engineers choose Renesas?

The rapid growth of the global automotive market is expected. Renesas provides the solutions which reduce longer development times all engineers face and accelerate your business.

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Why do automotive engineers choose Renesas?


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