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The traditional approach to tools and kits supporting embedded development is filled with obstacles to rapid prototyping and product design. As part of the Renesas Synergy™ Platform, Renesas has taken great steps to create useful development tools and kits that will take you beyond the evaluation stage, all the way to production.



e2 studio Integrated Solution Development Environment (ISDE)

Renesas has created a new development environment specifically for the Renesas Synergy™ family. Based on the integrated development environment—e2 studio—the Renesas Synergy™ integrated solution development environment (ISDE) includes the Renesas Synergy™ Platform's newest and most powerful software tools.



The key features of e2 studio are:

  • Automatic code generation
  • A comprehensive smart user manual
  • Keyword color coding of source code
  • Powerful code navigation
  • Jump to declarations
  • Automated code formatting
  • Code templates
  • Automated code constructs (if, while, do...while, and others)
  • Auto variable completion while writing
  • Built-in spell checker


The e2 studio ISDE for Renesas Synergy™ features additional tools and plug-ins that guide, assist, error-check, and make alternate recommendations as needed while configuring Renesas Synergy™ microcontroller (MCU) functions and Renesas Synergy™ Software API function calls. These tools include:

  • Graphical configurators to make MCU pin function assignments, clock and peripheral settings, and interrupt source assignments.
  • Graphical software configurator to assign individual real-time operating system (RTOS) thread objects and to customize peripheral drivers and the hardware abstraction layer (HAL).
  • Based on configurator selections, the ISDE generates C header files and initialization C code enabling end-application code development to start immediately.
  • Smart manual offers immediate reference to user manual information just by hovering the cursor over highlighted MCU register names and API structures.
  • Management of Renesas Synergy™ Software Package (SSP) source and license files.


Example of a graphical configurator, this one used for pin function assignments:


TraceX® – ThreadX® Performance & Monitoring

TraceX, a desktop tool, seamlessly integrates with Renesas Synergy™ Software, providing run-time performance information and is available on a per-object basis as well as over an entire object class. For example, if performance information is enabled for thread objects, ThreadX keeps track of thread resumptions, suspensions, preemptions, priority inversions, time-slices, timeouts, and much more for each thread and for all threads collectively. With run-time stack analysis, an Execution Profile Kit, and a built-in System Trace, this powerful tool helps squash bugs and accelerates your time to market.


GUIX Studio™

GUIX Studio™ provides a complete WYSIWYG screen design environment that enables a developer to drag-and-drop graphical elements to build their user interface (UI) screens. In addition, GUIX Studio™ allows customization of the default colors and drawing styles used by the GUIX™ widgets, allowing developers to tune the appearance of GUIX™ very easily. GUIX Studio™ automatically generates C code compatible with the GUIX™ library, ready to be compiled and run on the MCU target device. Developers can produce pre-rendered fonts for use within an application using the integrated GUIX Studio™ font generation tool.


A complete GUIX™ UI application can be executed on a PC desktop within the GUIX Studio™ environment, allowing a quick and easy generation and demonstration of UI concepts, testing of screen flows, and observation of screen transitions and animations.



How To Get the Tools

The Renesas Synergy™ Gallery is your online destination for everything related to Renesas Synergy™ Software and Tools from Renesas and from third-party vendors participating in the Renesas Synergy™ ecosystem. Software, tools, licenses, and documentation are delivered in a fast and easy-to-use way.

Learn more about the Renesas Synergy™ Gallery »


Renesas Synergy™ Kits

It is very important that a software development environment for embedded systems is tightly coupled to the MCU development kits to ensure immediate start up and smooth development all the way to the prototype stage of an end-product. Planned from the outset, the e2 studio ISDE for the Renesas Synergy™ Platform is structured to work seamlessly with a wide range of Renesas Synergy™ kits for varying technical expertise of users and varying complexity of different end-applications. There are pre-configured board support packages (BSP's) available in the ISDE for each and every Synergy kit for immediate start up and easy modification to expand and alter the functionality of the kits.


Three types of product development kits are available for the Renesas Synergy™ Platform – Development Kits, Starter Kits, and Promotion Kits.


Renesas Synergy™ Kits are engineered to be modular and expandable wherever possible with emphasis on extremely easy and error-proof board configuration. Expansion ports make heavy use of industry-standard Pmod™ connectors with a wide range of plug-in modules available.


Ordering Kits

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Karimex (Brazil only)




Renesas Synergy™ Development Kits (DK)

DKs are available for every series of Renesas Synergy™ microcontrollers (MCUs). DKs enable full access to all of the MCU features and pins for evaluating MCU device performance, measuring power consumption, for building application software until the end-product’s prototype hardware development platform is available, and even to expand capabilities by plugging in specialized circuit boards into DK expansion connectors including industry standard Pmod™ connectors. All DKs have an on-board J-Link debugger as well as a Bluetooth Low Energy radio for wireless connection to a mobile device. DKs serve as a basis for the hardware platforms on which the Renesas Synergy™ Software Package is qualified and warranted.


Renesas Synergy™ Starter Kits (SK)

SKs offer high value at a very affordable price, providing an excellent introduction to the entire Renesas Synergy™ Platform while covering the vast majority of Renesas Synergy™ MCU functions. SKs are targeted at developers who may not have a specific application in mind but want to experience and evaluate the Renesas Synergy™ Platform at minimal cost. Each SK provides access to most MCU pins and also provides function expansion via sets of connectors based on the Pmod™ standard and on the Arduino™ format for Arduino™ Shield plug-in boards.


Parameters Development Kits Starter Kits
Purpose Complete project prototyping Renesas Synergy™ Platform introduction and first steps
MCU Pin Access All Pins Most Pins
Expandability/Connectors Multiple Pmods Arduino and Pmod
SSP Qualification Basis Yes Yes
BLE Connectivity

On-board J-Link Debugger



DK-S7G2 Development Kit based on the Renesas Synergy™ S7G2 Group MCU

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