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Cool Phoenix 3 - Flexible Powerline Modem Solution


The 3rd generation of Renesas’ PLC solution, is a very flexible, software configurable standalone modem solution. It supports multiple standards such as G3-PLC or PRIME, as well as worldwide frequency bands such as CENELEC A and B, FCC, ARIB… all in a single device ...with a single design.


The modular system architecture allows the reusability of well tested and certified building blocks, thus reducing development and testing cost for the design of multiple products. 


  • Software configurable, flexible PLC modem supporting worldwide frequency bands (CENELEC A, FCC, ARIB)
    - Supporting multiple regions with a single design
  • Pure software based implementation for standard protocols
    - Supporting multiple standards with a single design (G3, PRIME1.3.6, PRIME 1.4)
  • Modular system architecture
    - Reusable building blocks reducing testing effort and development cost
  • Integrated AFE with adaptive gain amplifier and AGC function
    - Assuring optimum reception performance and robustness
  • Unique robustness achieved by dedicated hardware features and software algorithms
    - Assuring communication even in harsh network environments
  • High memory headroom.
    - Even dual route communication can be supported.
  • Competitive Bill of Material
    - Including certified software stacks with no additional license fees.


In combination with the wide range of Renesas pin-, software- compatible and scalable microcontrollers this solution provides the perfect fit for any PLC enabled applications addressing markets like smart metering, street lighting and building automation.


PLC modem system block diagram

Features Benefits
AFE integraded with AGA and AGC Superior dynamic range and sensivity
High memory headroom (768 KByte RAM) Sufficient even for dual route communication
High performance DSP Future-proof, ready to support standards evolution
Integraded DC/DC and LDO Reduced BOM cost and low noise interference
Embedded hardware security engine Simplifies the design of secure smart meters
Low power operation Reduces overall system power comsumption




Connect it! – Powerline Communication Solution Kit

Connect it! – Powerline Communication Solution Kit
  • Simple to use tool for technology evaluation and development
  • Configurable to support multiple frequency bands by simple exchange of the filter board
  • Pre-programmed for quick PHY performance evaluation
  • Simple PC GUI for flexible device configuration and powerline communication analysis
  • Assembled RX631 host MCU allowing customisation of evaluation software to own powerline test environment
  • E1 debugging interface for development support
  • Multiple USB connectors as interface between modem and host microcontroller




  • Hardware expansion for Synergy™ Development Platforms
  • G3-PLC software add on for straight forward project setup 
  • Immediately start developing end-product application code at the API level
  • Significantly shorten time to market with product ready software supplied
  • G3-PLC protocol library supplied
  • Full Synergy™ development environment on the Synergy™ Gallery
  • Sample code for coordinator and peer devices
  • Comprehensive documentation