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Renesas Synergy™ Software

Renesas is the first major MCU supplier to bundle together a commercially qualified software package specifically developed and optimized for a family of scalable MCU devices that is warranted to operate within the specifications of a published software datasheet and accessible through a common robust API. This bold step is redefining how embedded systems and IoT products will be developed and maintained over their product lifecycles.


In the past, software for MCU devices has been provided by major MCU suppliers on an “As-Is” basis with no warranty, no systematic long-term maintenance, and never in a complete package that includes a major commercial RTOS at its core. The Renesas Synergy™ Software Package is rigorously tested according to a documented quality process.


The total Renesas Synergy™ Software solution consists of the Renesas Synergy™ Software Package (SSP) together with specialty add-on software components that are qualified and verified extensions to the SSP, all accessible through a common API layer.

Key features of the  Software:

  • Rigorous development, qualification, and testing against well-established standards including ISO/IEC 12207 for Software Development Life Cycle and Motor Industry Software Reliability Association – MISRA C:2012 for coding guidelines
  • Availability of specialty software add-ons from Renesas or select third-party vendors to extend functionality
    • Verified Software Add-Ons – third-party software components pre-verified by Renesas to be fully compatible with the SSP
    • Qualified Software Add-Ons – SSP-compatible software sold separately and supported by Renesas having the same quality level as the SSP itself
  • Simple click-through licensing for no fee
  • No limitation to number of end-products, MCUs, or development seats with valid registration and licensing
  • Continuous maintenance at no fee for lifetime of registered product


How To Get the Software

The Renesas Synergy™ Gallery is your online destination for everything related to Renesas Synergy™ Software from Renesas and from third-party vendors participating in the Renesas Synergy™ ecosystem. Software, tools, licenses, and documentation are delivered in a fast and easy-to-use way.


Learn more about the Renesas Synergy™ Gallery »


Software Package (SSP)

The heart of the platform...and it's qualified

The SSP provides an innovative approach to embedded software for IoT applications. With the SSP, Renesas has built a new and extremely powerful software interface from the ground up to make coding on the Renesas Synergy™ Platform one of the world's fastest and most robust development processes in the embedded world. With this software, designers can jump immediately into creating differentiated application code instead of spending months developing baseline code to interface at the hardware level. This lets designers significantly reduce time to market, get their products on shelves before the competition, and minimize total cost of ownership.


Software API

Standardized 'C' language APIs for X-Ware™, stacks, application framework, libraries, DSP, HAL and BSP. The API abstracts dependencies, ensures portability and accelerates product development. In the following, we explore what's underneath this powerful software API.


ThreadX® RTOS

Premium commercial, extremely fast, multitasking real time kernel with preemptive scheduling and small memory footprint – the stable heartbeat of the system.



X-Ware™ and Renesas-originated specialized software for TCP/IP, USB, color graphics, file system, and more – completely optimized and integrated.


Application Framework

Commonly used system level services linking RTOS to HAL for inter-process messaging, security services, audio playback, serial communication, power management, JPEG conversion, cap touch, console, and much more. Saves time by allowing the developer to program at a higher level.


Functional Libraries

A collection of libraries such as CMSIS DSP, Security & Cryptography, and more.


Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) Drivers

Efficient, RTOS-aware low-level drivers for all peripherals and system services. Eliminates the need for deep study of MCU devices and the creation of drivers from your own resources.



Qualified Software

Rigorous standards, extensively tested, frequent updates


One unique proposition of the Renesas Synergy™ Platform is that the Synergy Software Package (SSP) is warranted by Renesas to operate within the specifications of a published software datasheet. To validate this each release of SSP is qualified according to a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process developed based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 standards. A Software Quality Handbook that defines this SQA process is available, as well as a summary of all test results generated for each minor SSP release. See the Software Quality section for more information.


Qualified Software Add-Ons and Verified Software Add-Ons

Software component add-ons from Renesas and select third parties that extend the functionality of the SSP

Renesas qualifies or verifies every add-on software component to provide a world class experience.


Software Add-On Categories


Qualified Software Add-On (QSA)

  • A selection of specialty software components Qualified, licensed and serviced by Renesas through the Renesas Synergy™ Gallery.
  • Tightly integrated and optimized for use with SSP and API structure.
  • QSA components are licensed and maintained under a separate agreement from the SSP.
  • QSA software is qualified and maintained under the same Renesas standards as the SSP.
  • QSA selections at the Gallery will grow over time to cover specialty functions related to safety, security, communication protocols and much more.


Verified Software Add-On (VSA)

  • A selection of specialty software components from third parties that are verified to meet Renesas compliance requirements for SSP compatibility.
  • VSA evaluation software is downloaded from the Renesas Synergy™ Gallery.
  • VSA production software is licensed directly from third party software vendors.
  • VSA selections at the Gallery will grow over time to cover specialty functions related to communication protocols, control algorithms and much more.



QSA and VSA components are available from the Renesas Synergy™ Gallery



Software Multilayer API Access

The example below shows at a high level the engagement by a developer at different layers.


With the Renesas Synergy™ Software API, you get total flexibility. Porting existing legacy code to the Renesas Synergy™ Platform is made easier by the SSP's architecture, which enables developers to access several layers of the API – from the very top API layer, to the application framework layer, to the HAL layer and all the way down to the MCU register layer if required.



Protected and Open Software Modules

With proper licensing and with no fee, all source code of the SSP is completely visible and usable during code development and debugging. The e2 studio Integrated Solution Development Environment (ISDE) enables full viewing, stepping through, and symbolic debugging of all SSP source code during the development phase while inside the ISDE. Some SSP source code files, while outside of the ISDE, are protected against viewing, editing, saving or printing. Although rarely needed, a developer can optionally purchase from Renesas a license that enables conversion of any SSP protected source code file into a clear text file allowing developers to modify and save these protected files (note that modifying protected source code voids the SSP warranty). Source code licensing is available through the Renesas Synergy™ Gallery. Those remaining SSP source code files that are not protected are available all the time in clear text files that can be edited, saved to file, and printed.



Software Package Licensing

The SSP is distributed under three different licensing models that are available through the Renesas Synergy™ Gallery website.

License Feature Evaluation Development /
No fee for License

Click-through registration and instant online license delivery

Online license selection and configuration, delivery of license upon entry of Purchase Order #    

Access to all SSP features and functions

Authorizes creating commercial end-products based on SSP  

Full source code access and viewing during development and debug Application Framework BSP/HAL

Application Framework  

ThreadX® RTOS, Libraries, and Stacks including X-Ware™  

Source code clear text files to save and print hardcopy.

Note: Source code modification invalidates SSP warranty

Application Framework    

ThreadX® RTOS, Libraries, and Stacks including X-Ware™    

SSP Warranty coverage  

Access to periodic maintenance SSP releases

Online technical support

Unlimited number of Design Efforts, MCU types, Development tools seats. Maintenance period only limited by MCU product lifetime

Number of Design Efforts, MCU types, and Maintenance period is related to the related Source License purchase    

Higher priority technical support  

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