SH-MobileR is an application processor released for expansion into application areas other than mobile phones, which is suitable for use in car navigation systems and portable media players supporting One-Seg terrestrial digital broadcasting for portable and mobile terminals.


Product Name SH7722 (R8A77220C266BGV)
CPU core SH4AL-DSP (incorporating MMU)
Power supply voltage 1.15 V to 1.3 V (Internal), 3.0 V to 3.6 V (External)
Maximum operating frequency 256 MHz
On-chip RAM 128 KB
Cache memory Separate 32 Kbytes for instructions and 32 Kbytes for data, 4-way set associative type
X/Y memory (for DSP) 16 KB
On-chip peripheral functions 5-megapixel camera support functions
VPU4 (H.264, MPEG-4 full hardware accelerator)
JPEG hardware accelerator
DMAC x 6 channels
USB Function (USB 2.0 high-speed compatibility)
Video output unit
24-bit TFT color liquid crystal compatible LCD controller
2D graphics accelerator
Sound interface unit x 1 channel
32-bit timer unit x 3 channels
32-bit compare match timer x 1 channel
16-bit timer pulse unit x 1 channel
Real-time clock x 1 channel
Watchdog timer x 1 channel
H-UDI on-chip debugging function
Interfaces Video I/O (camera module direct connection interface)
I2C bus interface x 1 channel
Key scan interface
Synchronous serial interface x 1 channel
Serial interface with FIFO x 2 channels
Asynchronous/synchronous serial interface x 3 channels
IrDA interface (v1.2a compatible)
SIM card interface
4-Gbit NAND/AND flash memory interface
SD Memory Card interface
Power-down modes Sleep mode, Standby mode, U standby mode
Package 449-pin BGA (21 mm x 21 mm, 0.8 mm pin pitch)


  • The SH-MobileR incorporates a VPU4 (Video Processing Unit 4) image processing IP supporting the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC moving-image compression standard used for digital broadcasting in various regions of the world, and it enables 30 fps (frame per second) encoding and decoding of VGA-size moving images.
  • The application processor incorporates a camera interface that allows direct connection to a 5-megapixel-class camera module, together with image processing functions, and can perform high-speed capture of large-volume image data from a high-definition camera, and versatile image processing.
  • An on-chip 2D graphics accelerator improves rendering performance, and can allow fast and sophisticated rendering on the complex GUI (Graphical User Interface) display of a device's operation menu screen, for example.
  • The high-performance SH4AL-DSP CPU core realizes the achievement of 478 MIPS (million instructions per second) at a maximum operating frequency of 266 MHz, providing ample power for parallel processing of a browser and multiple large-load applications, as well as operation by a general-purpose OS such as Linux that imposes a greater processing load than a dedicated OS.


  • One-Seg terrestrial digital broadcasting for car navigation systems and portable media players