A ST-BUS® compatible digital switch controlled by a
microprocessor which can handle from 128 x 128 to 32K x 32K inputs to multiple outputs.



  • 128 x 128 channel non-blocking switch
  • Serial Telecom Bus Compatible (ST-BUS®)
  • 4 RX inputs—32 channels at 64 Kbit/s per serial line
  • 4 TX output—32 channels at 64 Kbit/s per serial line
  • Three-state serial outputs
  • Microprocessor Interface (8-bit data bus)
  • 5V Power Supply
  • Available in 44-pin Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC), 40-pin Plastic Dip (P-DIP) and 44-pin Plastic Quad         Flatpack (PQFP)
  • Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C


発注型名 Part Status Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type 購入/サンプル
Active PQFP 44 はい Tray


タイトル 他の言語 分類 形式 サイズ 日付
728981 Data Sheet データシート PDF 172 KB
AN-852 Application Considerations for Time-Slot Interchange (TSI) Products アプリケーションノート PDF 217 KB
PCN#: A-0410-02, Change IDT marking logo with new IDT gridless w 製品変更通知 PDF 24 KB
PCN# : A-0610-02 ASAT China as Alternate Facility for CABGA/CVBGA/FPBGA/TQFP/PQFP 製品変更通知 PDF 252 KB
PCN# A-0607-06 MMT Thailand as Alternate Assembly Facility for PLCC, SOIC 150mil/300mil 製品変更通知 PDF 223 KB
PCN#: TB-0512-01 Reel Color Changed from Blue to Black 製品変更通知 PDF 729 KB
PDN# T-05-02, TSI, Selected Package Obsolescence 製品抹消通知 PDF 68 KB
PCN#: A-0501-01, New m/c DMC-2000 and d/a 8390A for PDIP pkgs 製品変更通知 PDF 42 KB
PCN#: A-0412-04 - To comply with Pb-free labels - Green Products 製品変更通知 PDF 80 KB
PCN#: A-0408-01Rev.1, To qualify new mold compound and die attac 製品変更通知 PDF 523 KB
PCN#: A-0310-01, Green Products 製品変更通知 PDF 26 KB
PCN#: A-0309-04, new mold compound G600 material 製品変更通知 PDF 134 KB
PCN# G-0206-08, Orientation of square PQFP & TQFP 製品変更通知 PDF 150 KB
PCN# G-0203-05 Mold Compound 製品変更通知 PDF 40 KB
PCN# G0106-01, Moisture Sensitive Label Change 製品変更通知 PDF 274 KB
PCN# G9911-05, To qualify low alpha mold compound. 製品変更通知 PDF 44 KB
728981 IBIS モデル-IBIS ZIP 15 KB