Learn how to perform a calibration of the ISL29501-ST-EV1Z Sand Tiger reference design kit.


ISL29501-ST-EV1Z Sand Tiger Software Setup

Okay, so today we're going to show you the ISL29501 demo. We have our device plugged into USB. We're going to launch the GUI by double-clicking the icon. Our software agreement comes up. You have to scroll to the bottom, hit Accept, and the GUI will open up.

Load Profile

The first thing you need to do is load a profile. To do this, you go File, Load Profile, you select the PFL file you wish to load, hit Open, and what this does is it sets some register values within the device.


Next step is calibration. Click Calibration, and there's three different parts. There's Magnitude, Cross Talk and Distance.

Magnitude is simple. Click Magnitude, Calibrate. When it turns green, you hit Done.

Cross Talk, it's going to prompt you to place a black piece of foam covering the emitter and receiver. Once you've done that, hit Calibrate. When it turns green, hit Done.

The third part is Distance. To do this you need to have an object at a known distance. Right now, we have a white cardboard box at 30cm, so you punch in 30cm, hit Calibrate. When the values are filled in and the box turns green, hit Done, then Accept to store these, and our calibration is finished.