This video shows how to determine the current consumption of a user system using the E2 emulator and e² studio.

00:00 Opening
00:22 Features
00:49 Operating Environment
01:00 Tuning of E2 emulator
02:15 Explanation of Current Consumption Measurement Method
02:50 Opening Current Consumption Measurement Window
03:05 Starting Debugger
03:58 Setting of current consumption measurement conditions
04:27 Start of current consumption measurement
04:41 Explanation of Current Consumption Measurement View
05:08 Explanation of cursors and markers
05:57 Finding current consumption
06:38 Explanation of Monitoring Points
07:55 Manipulating Current Consumption Waveforms
08:35 Finding Monitoring Points 4
08:53 Setting Trigger Conditions
09:44 Explanation of Buttons Related to Current Consumption Measurement