( *hereinafter, this is called "R-IN Consortium")

To join the R-IN Consortium, you must agree to the "R-IN Consortium Agreement". Please follow the below procedure to apply for admission.

Before You Apply:

R-IN Consortium Application Procedure:

  • Download the application form (agreement).
  • Please read the agreement carefully.
  • If you accept the agreement, please send an email to the secretariat (info-r-in@lm.renesas.com). Please use "Inquiry about joining R-IN Consortium (name of your company)" as the email subject. At this time, it is not necessary to attach the application form (agreement) to your email.
  • The secretariat will contact you at a later date regarding application.

After Joining R-IN Consortium:

  • You will be able to access the R-IN Consortium members' site.

Criteria for Joining

Applicants who meet all of the following conditions will be granted membership in the R-IN Consortium.

  • The applicant has agreed to the R-IN Consortium admission agreement.
  • The applicant belongs to a company or organization that provides or has the possibility of providing a solution or service that uses "R-IN" or "R-IN-related products specified by Renesas".
  • The company or organization of the applicant is recognized and granted admission by the R-IN Consortium secretariat.