Auto Tuning Diagrams


RX111 Motor Control Reference Platform | Part-name: YROTATE-IT-RX111

RX111 MCU operating at 3 V is running at 32 MHz and enables medium system response of the vector controlled algorithm. The Field Oriented Algorithm enables to control the motor speed, torque in a sensorless techniques in any load conditions. Furthermore, the RX111 MCUs are able to control a single 3-phase Permanent Magnet motor and fully manage a complex equipment. Finally, the PC GUI & embedded software enable the auto-tuning of PI current coefficient & automatic motor parameters identification.

To increase the overall efficiency of any inverter, two additional parameters can be dynamically modified by the PC GUI: the Pulse Width Modulation frequency (PWM) and the control loop frequency. This enables any designer to make the right compromise between system dynamics, CPU load and overall efficiency.

Memory Footprint 30 KB Flash / 3 KB RAM
PWM Frequency 16 kHz
Control loop Frequency up to 16 kHz
CPU time available 45%
Auto-tuning PI current Enable by default
Motor calibration Enable by default
Flux weakening algorithm Enable by default
Voltage bus monitoring Enable by default
Fail-safe mechanism Enable by default