Capacitive Touch Sensor System (First-Generation Capacitive Touch Technology)


Within the well-established 16-bit standard R8C microcontrollers lineup of Renesas Electronics, the R8C/3xT Group is ideal for touch sensor systems, integrating a capacitive touch detection circuit providing the functionality of a touch sensor IC. This meets the requirements of customers for compact size, low power consumption, and strong noise tolerance.

Touch sensor system

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products
Block Semiconductor device Recommended products Features, etc.
Control MCU MCU R8C/33T Group On-chip Cap Touch detection circuit: 18input
Package: 32pin LQFP(7x7mm, 0.8mm-pitch)
ROM[KB]/RAM[KB]: 16/1.5, 24/2, 32/2.5
R8C/3JT Group On-chip Cap Touch detection circuit: 22input
Package: 40pin HXQFN(5x5mm, 0.4mm-pitch)
ROM[KB]/RAM[KB]: 16/1.5, 24/2, 32/2.5
R8C/36T-A Group On-chip Cap Touch detection circuit: 28input
Package: 64pin LQFP(10x10mm, 0.5mm-pitch)
: 64pin LQFP(14x14mm, 0.8mm-pitch)
ROM[KB]/RAM[KB]: 64/6, 96/8, 128/10
R8C/38T-A Group On-chip Cap Touch detection circuit: 36input
Package: 80pin LQFP(12x12mm, 0.5mm-pitch)
ROM[KB]/RAM[KB]: 64/6, 96/8, 128/10
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