Accelerated path to production

Kickstart your ADAS evaluation and development with this all new reference SDK from Renesas.

Perception Quick Start is an ADAS reference software development kit designed specifically to utilize the innovative HW accelerators in R-CAR. Use PQS to enable state of the art perception processing optimized to achieve high performance at low latency and low power consumption for embedded ADAS automotive applications.

Perception Quick Start Software

Perception Quick Start is a unique ADAS reference SDK that simplifies the use of advanced R-Car V3x hardware accelerators, decreasing development time to lead to quicker time to market:

  • Source code and deep neural network designs provided
  • Illustrates use of SDK components with an “end to end” camera and LiDAR based object detection sample implementation
  • Fast realization of complex vision processing pipelines
  • Renesas collected and labelled data available for use by customer
  • Includes constructs to realize current ADAS features such as Surround view, EU NCAP and more
  • Integration of Renesas toolchain completes Renesas product portfolio

Renesas has three different packages of software available.  Each package includes the complete pipeline of software, from receiving the camera or LiDAR data to visualizing the results on a screen:

Road Feature Detection Reference Software

Camera Object Detection Reference Software

LiDAR Object Detection Reference Software

Perception Quick Start Hardware

The Perception Quick Start Software can be used with the following hardware:

R-Car V3H

Perception Quick Start Videos

Lidar Object Detection:  Coming soon!

Camera Object Detection:  Coming soon!

Road Feature Detection:  Coming soon!

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