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SDKPac for Renesas Synergy is a suite of web security and communication tools that adds a uSSL server and client, dHTTPS web server, uMQTT IoT cloud protocols, and uSMTP email client. It is ideal for applications that require secure communications, such as smart metering, cloud gateway, telemetry, smart appliance, and industrial control applications. Run the SDKPac™ demo on the Synergy PK-S5D9 Promotion Kit to output debug and status messages, and to confirm operation.

Synergy SDKPac


Enables secure web connectivity with the SDKPac bundle that is integrated with the ThreadX® RTOS and NetX™ TCP/IP stack and includes:

  • uSSL/TLS 1.2 server and client, secure sockets thin BSD API
  • dHTTPS WebServer ROM file system, forms, cookies, SSI, CGI, CSS, file transfer
  • uSSH server, client, SFTP, SCP, secure shell and SFTP file transfer with Putty, Filezilla, WinSCP
  • IoT Device Client, TLS secure uMQTT 3.1 to IoT cloud service
  • uSMTP SMTP client including STARTTLS and implicit TLS, MIME binary file and telemetry attachment
  • uRADIUS client authentication and access authorization with managed credentials server
  • Synergy Platform Kit: Network, debug port, MAC edit, NV config, system monitor and event handlers
  • uCrypt library integrated with Synergy SCE crypto engine
  • Supported on IAR EWSYN and e2 studio toolchains

Release Information

Cypherbridge SDKPac for Synergy 00.04.A3

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2017-11-09

MCUs Supported: S7G2, S5D9, S5D5, S5D3

MD5: e9eb1fa8e7834b1233f55a831f85e8ae

What's New?

Updated for SDKPac 00.04.A3 migrated to e2 studio with SSP 1.3.0 and GUIX

Installation Instructions

Refer to SDKPac Demo Kit User Guide.


Copyright Disclaimer

SDKPac, uSSL, uMQTT, dHTTP, uSMTP are Trademark and Copyright © Cypherbridge Systems ® 2013-2016 All Rights Reserved.

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