Migrating between Integrated Development Environments


Porting from PM+ to CS+

Projects that have been created using PM+ can be ported to the CS+ environment in either of the following two ways.

Process Convert an Existing Project Create a New Project
Source file registration Automatic Manual
Option setting (Partially) automatic Manual
Source file folder location Automatic No care needs to be taken regarding the file registration location.
Conflict between source files and automatically generated files Files should be modified after a project is created. Care should be taken regarding conflict at manual file registration.

Converting a PM+ Project Into a CS+ Project

Projects created in PM+ can be converted into projects for CS+ by selecting a workspace file (*.prw) or a project file (*.prj).


  1. Select [Open Existing e² studio/CubeSuite/High-performance Embedded Workshop/PM+ Project] in the startup screen of CS+.
  1. Select “Workspace File for PM+(*.prw)” or “Project File for PM+(*. prj)”.
  1. Select the project to be set for conversion from the [Project Convert Settings] dialog box. Make the settings for the microcontroller, session, kind of project, project name, and place of storage which are to be used with the ported project.

When a PM+ workspace file is selected, the [Project] area shows the configuration of conversion target projects as a tree; select the project for carrying out the conversion settings.

Note: PM+ project groups are divided into projects with the same name as the project group.

Create a New Project in CS+ and Register Existing Source Files

  1. Click on [Create New Project] in the startup screen of CS+.
  1. In the [Create Project] dialog box of CS+, select the type of microcontroller in [Microcontroller] and the particular device in [Using microcontroller], labeled (1) and (2) at right, set a name for the project in [Project name] and the place where it is to be stored in [Place], both labeled (3), and then click on the [Create] button.
  • For example, select [RH850] and [RH850/E1L] for [Microcontroller] and [Using microcontroller], respectively.
  1. A screenshot of the CS+ window right after creating a new project
  1. Add the existing source files to the file branch of the [Project Tree]. New files can also be added.
  • You can also add files by dragging and dropping on the file category in the project tree.