Migrating between Integrated Development Environments


Using the e² studio to port between compilers

The following method is available for porting projects created for different microcontrollers or compilers in the e² studio environment.

Create a New Project in the e² studio and Register Existing Source Files

  1. Click on [File] -> [New] -> [C Project] in order from the menu bar of the e² studio and create a new C project. This launches the wizard for creating a new project shown right.
  2. Enter the project name in the dialog box and select the toolchain. Click on [Next >].
  1. Specify [Toolchain Version], [Debug Hardware], and [Select Target] and click on [Next >] to go to the next step.
  1. Click on the [Finish] button after setting the required options. This produces a window [Project summary for Tutorial]. Click on [OK] and a project is generated and displayed in the e² studio as in the example on the right.
  1. Select [Import…] -> [File System] to add an existing source file to the project. It is also possible to add new folders or files of source code from [File] -> [New].