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The Custom Board Support Package Creator is a command-line tool within the e2 studio IDE for creating custom board support packages (BSPs) that ensure proper boot up and application initialization.

This tool is required to migrate an application developed on a Synergy kit to a new board design, a custom BSP enables the MCU to reset to the main application. The custom BSP also provides information to the SSP modules so they can be automatically configured for new hardware.


The Custom BSP Creator application note shows how to use the tool to create an example custom BSP based on the Synergy DK-S7G2 Development Kit in four easy steps:

  • Create base BSP from the existing BSP of the Synergy kit
  • Create a template pack with the base BSP
  • Create a new project in e2 studio to modify the base BSP
  • Create the final pack for the custom BSP

Release Information

Custom Board Support Package (BSP) Creator 1.03

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2016-06-27

MD5: c5529f1759d33bd3c9c7563a54998c35


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