Renesas offers a maintenance service for a specific compiler version so that you are able to use the compiler over the long term with a sense of ease. This service has a charge.

Our customers accumulate the software they develop for their various projects over long spans of time. You might be using a specific version of one of our compilers for a considerable time. On the other hand, we sometimes need to upgrade the versions of our compilers as we make improvements. If you continue to use a previous version of a compiler, even if we find a fault, all we can do is provide you with information on how to work around the fault.

Under these contracts, we provide you with the following services so that you can feel comfortable about using a given version of our compiler over the long term.

  • Establishing a dedicated e-mail address for the customer; This provides the customer with timely resolutions to problems due to faults in the specified version.
  • Support in the form of determining whether or not faults in the compiler will affect the customer's programs
  • Fixing faults in the specified version

Please contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor for details of this service.

Target Devices

Additional Details

Details of this service

We have newly added the following services to the existing general support (Note1) for reliable long-term use of your compiler with a specific version.

E-mail technical support service—shortens development times

Our e-mail technical support service will immediately help you to resolve problems which arise from the compilers with versions for which you have entered into a support agreement. This support will help you to shorten development times.

Fault checking—minimizes instances of unexpected man-hours for development

When a fault in a compiler is revealed, we will provide information for visually checking your programs and software (a checking tool) to check your programs to see if the faults affect them. Quickly checking if the fault leads to a problem at your end will help reduce instances of unexpected man-hours for development to a minimum.

Fault-corrected compilers—minimize the need to re-evaluate your program

For versions of compilers for which you have entered into an agreement, we will provide you with a compiler in which those faults you designate are rectified. You can resolve a fault and thus eliminate its effects on your output code, and proceed with development requiring a minimum of re-evaluation of your program.


  1. The support services that are provided free of charge to customers who have purchased our compiler products.

[Term of the Agreement]

The effective term of the agreement is one year from the day of the agreement. The term can be automatically extended for up to 5 years from that day.

[Details of the Agreement]

We have three types of agreement, each providing a different range of services.

Details of the servicesE-mail technical supportlenslenslens
Prompt reporting of conditions under which faults occur and workaroundslenslenslens
Fault checking tool (Note1)
Fault-corrected compiler (Note1)lens

lens Available | — Not Available


  1. We will provide these services for faults identified during the period of the contract. However, this is limited to cases where the faults are technically detectable or correctable.
  2. Under the basic agreement, we will still inform you of the method for visually checking if the fault affects your programs.

Compiler Products Henceforth in the Scope of Possible Application for Maintenance Service Agreements

The compilers and version numbers of the products for which the agreements will be applied are listed in the table below. Specify the version and revision number of the products for which you wish to receive this service. Note that the CS+ IDE that is also provided in some forms of the packages is not within the scope of support under the agreements.

Package nameSupported devicesCompilerSupported versions
C Compiler Package for RH850 FamilyRH850CC-RHVer.1.00.01 or later
C/C++ Compiler Package for RX FamilyRXCC-RXVer.2.00.00 or later
C Compiler Package for RL78 FamilyRL78CC-RLVer.1.01.00 or later

Examples of the Terms of Agreements (Information for Reference)

Consider the length of your development phase when entering into a maintenance agreement. The following examples show the initial period and terms of agreements.

[The Initial Period and Terms of Agreements]


Example 1: A case where the specified version is only used in development


Example 2: A case where the specified version is used in on-going mass-production or maintenance, after the base of development has been completed