What is Tool News?

Tool News (normally published twice a month) delivers the latest information and usage notes on Renesas development environment products.

Publishing ScheduleNotes
Regular issue5th* of every month

Special issues may be released due to the status of the Renesas development environment products.

* Next business day if it falls on a Japanese public holiday.

20th* of every month
No issueJanuary 5th
May 5th
August 20th
Other issues may be canceled without prior notice.

Category of the Tool News

Tool News is provided in the following eight information categories:

Information category of the Tool NewsOverview of the Tool NewsDocument Type
New releaseIntroduction of new products
Released on the WebIntroduction of new free software products released on the web
Upgrade to versionAnnouncement of a new version
Upgrade to revisionAnnouncement of a new revision
Featured ToolIntroduces useful features of a product
NotesNotification of precautionary notes when using products.
Revisions to documentsNotification of document revisions.

Announcement of final order placement and successor products.
Invitation to product surveys, etc.



* Use the Type filter to view them by category.


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Latest News: May 20th 2024

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Tool News - Release PDF 167 KB 日本語
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